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diversional therapist From Northern Territory, Australia

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Joanne 3rd Feb 2017 diversional therapist


A trolley to keep massage creams, nail care equipment and other beauty therapy items on, this makes it easier to transport too frail residents.
I have found that many of my residents enjoy adult colouring, so a good supply of pencils, gel pens and textas is essential. A cheaper way to supply pictures is to buy a few colouring books of varying difficulty and photocopy (I do 10 of each) and keep in folder. Or you can download pictures, I also have several folders of word searches-easy, hard, large print etc...All the best.
Joanne 6th Feb 2016 diversional therapist


we have a battery operated candle, this switched on for24hrs when someone passes away.
Joanne 22nd Nov 2015 diversional therapist

Say Hello & Goodbye in Different Languages

Pulya- Australian aboriginal language