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Sally 20th Dec 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator

Hi Cindy,
If I were you, I would look up job advertisements and see what qualifications and experience they are looking for. In my case, a Cert 1V in Leisure and Health or Leisure and LIfestyle was usually the minimum requirement. As a part of the course, a 90 hour placement was required. This is where you get the best on the job experience to complement your studies and if you impress the supervisor you can ask them to be a referee when applying for jobs! Good luck :-)
Sally 8th Dec 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator

Remembering the clothesline

Nice activity but it seems to be inferring that people don't use clothes lines anymore?!! Is this true?! The only difference now is that most people don't bother about "etiquette" now-a-days and if someone does judge the way you hang your clothes, you know they are the one with the problem! ;-) It will be interesting discussing some of the old stories though.