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Brenda 26th Aug 2022 OTA


I work at rockingham nusing home can you please give me a few ideas for fathers day activities please
Thankyou Brenda McKell xx
Brenda 22nd Aug 2017 OTA


we actually have a budget for our ota team. ask your don if they can allocate some money to the ot so you can buy paint or arts crafts things or games.
Brenda 22nd Aug 2017 OTA


can anyone out there please let me know if the Focus on Activity mag is still going.
Brenda 8th Apr 2017 OTA

Fishing Outing

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Brenda 31st Jan 2017 OTA

Aromatherapy Recipes

There are some great ideas on here guys, thank you I can see myself using these ideas a lot, Bren x
Brenda 16th Sep 2016 OTA

Poems to Share #2

Hello, i asked our residents if they would like to write a poem with me about spring.
i asked each resident to tell me something they love about springtime,and i put there comments into a poem about spring. we had a lovely time a couple of the lines were.
i like to have a cup of tea in the garden, and flowers blooming everywhere.
Brenda 19th Feb 2016 OTA

Tongue Twisters for Fun

We had a fabulous time trying to pronounce these sentences.
Brenda 20th Jan 2016 OTA

Lunch by the Bay

Gidday, we took our residents down to the mangles bay fishing club,for a days bustrip, the residents had a fantastic time
We took a couple of the men in wheelchairs down to the jetty with a fishing wand ect...a great day was had all.
Brenda 18th Nov 2015 OTA

Remembering the clothesline

Wow what a wonderful poem lol...I am 45 and I would be lost without my hills hoist.
Brenda 19th Oct 2015 OTA

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