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kay 29th Aug 2019

This Day in History for Seniors: October

some very interesting stories and news items good to know and see if you know any of them
kay 15th May 2018

5 Myths and Misconceptions About Dementia

Will be very helpful Thank you
kay 27th Jun 2017

Giant Scrabble

A great idea and gets them moving as well instead of just sitting around
kay 17th May 2016

Sensory Rain Sticks

Looks really easy to make and looks like fun
kay 2nd Feb 2016

15 Activities for Late-Stage Alzheimer's Disease

Thank you for a very helpful website with lots of interesting ideas
kay 22nd Dec 2015

Fun Riddle 27

Great games ideas
kay 22nd Dec 2015

Activity Goals Presentation

Very well put together some very interesting ideas thank you
kay 15th Dec 2015

Paper Christmas Ornament

What a great idea
kay 15th Dec 2015

Xmas chains

Another great way of recycling and a fun project to make
kay 15th Dec 2015

Flower Word Search

Thank you word finds are always popular