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Life-style co ordinator/PCA From Victoria, Australia

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Annie 4th Nov 2015 Life-style co ordinator/PCA

Words in Words Game 3

7 and 8 answers are wrong - 7 ION and 8 DENT : )
Annie 4th Nov 2015 Life-style co ordinator/PCA

How to Respond to Challenging Behavior

Hello Effie and Amanda,
I also have a resident who spits constantly some days are worse than others but I was surprised to see that during her 80th birthday celebrations, her family came in and she didn't spit at all! I'm not sure if the cards will help, will certainly give it a go...also other residents find it hard being in the same room as her so she spends a lot of time in her room. I wish there was something I could do to change her environment.
Really appreciate any help with this.
Many thanks Annie