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Marie 9th Jun 2020 activity director

Create your own Word Search!

Love this !!! Ive made a bunch..its nice to personalize them . I made a 'welcome' one for new admits
Marie 28th Apr 2020 activity director


Ok guys ...I need ur help--how is everyone dealing w/ the whole lockdown thing--rules in my facility change daily--I watching residents slowly becoming withdrawn--the decline is rapid--we do a lot of 1-1 and hallway cart stuff--more people are in bed now then ever before....
my heart is breaking for the families --when they do get to visit--they will not find the same person they left.....i feel like we are now doing a rotation of the same or simiular things---cant do crafts--too many eat the glue--or the items we r glueing !! lots cant see well--i print everything really big---we do all the ice cream-snack-float..etc. carts....I need some encouraging words---I falling apart over here........
Marie 5th Oct 2018 activity director

Recycled Egg Carton Jack O'Lantern

cute idea---can even paint them bright colors for easter'eggs'
mardi gras colors for garland--white for ghosts !!
Marie 20th Nov 2015 activity director


Hi Carol....I got Huge dice from a store called --Five Below they were 5 bucks !! im in washington pa hope that helps