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Juliet 19th Dec 2023 Lifestyle Therapy Team Leader


I love, love, love Golden Carers - its my go to site for activities, puzzles, special dates, just everything.
Throughout 2023 we have been getting to know different places throughout the world with arm chair travel. The residents really love this and find it interesting. We try to have food or a substitute during the activity as well as our co-ordinator dressing up in traditional clothing.

Thank you everyone for your contribution, Merry Christmas to you all - look forward to new and exciting things in 2024.
Juliet 4th Jul 2023 Lifestyle Therapy Team Leader

Armchair Travel to Peru

Armchair travel is not only interesting & fun for our residents, but also for us - we learn so much & some of the countries are just stunning.
Thank you, you make what we do so much easier with all your resources.
Juliet 29th Apr 2022 Lifestyle Therapy Team Leader


Hi everyone,
Looking for ideas/suggestions on what you do to acknowledge the passing of a resident - do you put something outside of their room, at the dining table or near the notice boards. Previously we have had a small table that we placed near our notice boards with a stand up cross & flowers on it..
Juliet Henderson 30th Dec 2019 Lifestyle Therapy Team Leader

End of Year Message 2023

Well another year is coming to an end! Thank you golden carers and all of you out there for your invaluable activities ideas. Happy New Year to you all - looking forward to 2020 an all it may bring.
Juliet 10th Apr 2018 Lifestyle Therapy Team Leader


Thank you for your commonwealth games activity - it was a great help when we had our own Commonwealth games. We were lucky enough to have a lifestyle team member whose husband had participated in the baton relay at the 2000 Olympic Games and this was used for our baton relay where we walked the baton around the home taking it to residents who were unable to attend our activity and this was a unique and special occasion for photos. I used many of your events - fishing, paper plane throwing and one of our own fly swatter badminton (using a balloon). Staff events included balloon race and egg and spoon. There was controversy during wee tests - where staff were sent off to give specimens and these included blue, green and tea coloured wee. Residents were presented with a medal and flowers by our special Royal Guest who also opened the games. Really positive feedback and the smiles and laughter said it all.
Juliet 30th Dec 2015 Lifestyle Therapy Team Leader

Australia: Reminiscing About Life In 1915

Really interesting facts - thanks
Juliet 22nd Dec 2015 Lifestyle Therapy Team Leader

End of Year Message 2023

Everything you have written is so true and to you Natalie, your post says it all. As we all know Christmas is the busiest time for us in lifestyle and yes the reward to us is seeing our residents faces, their smile and laughter. Lifestyle is a very busy profession, but you know.....I wouldn't do anything else. Merry Christmas to you all.