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Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist From Missouri, United States


Patrice 21st Sep 2016

Sensory Stimulation for Dementia Care

Is there a place online where you can purchase items or is it a store close to you.
Patrice 22nd Jun 2016

Games for People Living with Dementia

I just love this site. I get so much new information from it daily. You are angels in disguise. Thank you so much!!!
Patrice 10th May 2016

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

This is great...Love the idea...Thank you for sharing.
Patrice 13th Apr 2016

Sensory Stimulation for Dementia Care

May I ask...what is a Reject Shop?
Patrice 22nd Mar 2016

How to Plan & Implement an Induction & Orientation Program

Thank you so much Talita. I am so honored that you took my issue and made a program for myself and others to benefit from. Thanks again. I love this site and the people who work for us out here in the field..
Patrice 15th Jan 2016


I am having to put together an orientation program for new employees at our long term care facility. We have two special care units, a high functioning side and a lower functioning side. I am wondering if anyone out there has any information that I could use to incorporate into my orientation program. Does anyone have an orientation program that you do with your new employees.
Thanks ahead of time