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Susan 1st Nov 2016 Lifestyle Assistant

Merry Christmas in Different Languages

I have done an activity where we have labelled and decorated snow flakes with the word 'merry xmas' in many foreign languages. These snowflakes were then put on display in a communal area. Many residents would go past and try to pronounce the foreign word or even look for the one that represented their homeland. It also connected some of the care staff, whose second language is English, as they would look for 'their' snowflake.
Susan 25th Oct 2016 Lifestyle Assistant


Hi everyone. . I would like to offer variety in our exercise program and am wondering has or is anyone doing sit down yoga exercises. If so, would you be happy to share. Many thanks
Susan 17th Mar 2016 Lifestyle Assistant

Hangman & Variations


I have played this often with using the "noose". Thanks for offering other suggestions as spiders, beetles etc.