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Debbie 7th Sep 2016

12 Joyful Activities to Inspire Laughter

Once again golden carers have practical ideas that bring inspiration to us all who work in aged care. Thanks golden carers for providing and sharing your knowledge.
Debbie 26th Jun 2016

How to Prevent Falls in Senior Care

Assisting with falls prevention through exercise and fun and games supports our residents to remain active, independent and safe. I' ve been working with a falls risks resident for the last six weeks with great results in reducing her falls at certain times of the day. Providing more social and cognitive activities have reduced her boredom and increased interest in group activities. I'm hoping to show our activities team that exercise and fun activities do make a difference. Thanks golden carers for re inforcing my thoughts on this subject.
Debbie 7th May 2016

Heart of Kindness

We also completed the heart with decorative ribbons ,lace, printed papers to make a very pretty heart. All residents that participated in this activity was delighted with their efforts. Found this activity provided achievable goals and a great small group activity. We used as part of decoration for our Mothers Day High Tea. Agree with Alison the size of heart is good size.
Debbie 21st Feb 2016

10 Principles of the Montessori Approach for Dementia Care

So much information, ideas that create food for thought. Finally have access to your wonderful site. . Thanks Golden Carers.
Debbie 24th Jan 2016


Contact your local church groups, ask them to provide religious items .Eg catholic church may
provide a bible ,prayer books that can be read to clients or family members, rosary beads.Recently a member from our local community has provided magazines information to assist with palliative in accordance with a persons cultural & spiritual beliefs and background. Ring a round your community. Contact pastoral carers from different religious backgrounds. Their support may help provide a very personal understanding of end of life wishes . Have found members of Jehovah Witness, Catholic church, Anglican Church, Seven Day Adventists all Helpful. Make Individual Boxes for Each Denominations