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Beth 2nd Jan 2024 Life Enrichment Coordinator

This Day in History for Seniors: January

I read this every morning before we start our exercises. End the reading with "A Bad Joke". If the one provided is not appropriate for my memory care folks I find a bad dad joke for kids online. I feel like it helps break the ice for the group activity.
Beth 17th May 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator


(why is the DON telling you what she wants you to do at your job?)
Beth 21st Jul 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator


I have my residents sit in a circle and I will read the common saying and have them yell out the answer. The competition to get it out first is a great incentive to join in. If I am able to get to the end of the saying before they yell I will say "blank". As with songs it is amazing how these common phrases are back in their mind somewhere and they feel successful when they can finish the phrase.
Beth 8th Jun 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator


Recently saw a post somewhere about a memory care/dementia activity regarding playing cards placed on a foam board with contact paper and then different individual things for a dementia resident to do with it but I can't remember where I saw it or the games to offer with it. Anyone have ideas?
Beth 28th Apr 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator


Complete the Phrase is a very good brain game for all stages! Just like they can pull up song lyrics from back their memory so to can they complete the common phrases! Just leave the last work blank for them to complete.
Beth 10th Jul 2018 Life Enrichment Coordinator


I have started using the calendar template here on this site but is there any way to change the font; bold, highlighted, underlined, size etc?