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Donna 22nd Jul 2016 Recreation

10 Communication Strategies for Dementia Care

I have a very lovely man in our dementia care unit. He is very friendly most of the time and with prompting he will participate in some activities. The problem is he can speak English but is now only speaking Italian and I can understand him. I prompt him to speak English and I know he is trying but he just gets stuck. We have another person who speaks English and Italian but he can figure out what he's trying to communicate either. Apparently their are different dialects and they can be very difficult. How can I communicate or understand what he is trying to say. It's so fustrating for him. I try simple sentences or gestures but it only makes him more frustrated. I try to redirect but that frustrates him and I don't have it in my heart to just walk away so I continue to listen and he eventually gives up. I don't want him to just shut down and not talk because we can't understand him. Anyone have and suggestion other than me learning Italian, or hiring a translator?
Donna 5th Jul 2016 Recreation


I wouldn't make any type of announcement . It generally upsets residents and why make them think about something they may not be thinking about. However if someone asks you where a person might be my answer would depend on an individual basis. For example for someone who is secure and doesn't have dementia and is free of anxiety I might they'll them they passed away and ask them not to share it with anyone because it might upset them. Others who have dementia might become very anxious and with the memory might forget and if reminded might relive the experience over and over again. The thought of death make others very anxious because it will trigger thought of thier own death. Some people are not dealing with reality especially those with Alzheimer's they are living in the past at times. I have residents in their 80s who still ask me if I've seen thier mother or father today and if they can go see them. My response is generally " no I haven't seen them but mane they will stop by later or I think they are working. Then we move on to an activity and all is good and the anxiety is put to rest. It's all about the resident and making the day as good as possible for them.
Donna 15th May 2016 Recreation

Name that Category

I've been writing down some the things that keep me laughing through the the day. I'm going to post a blog. " the things seniors say"
Father says to daughter.
How old am I?
Daughter says to dad how old do you think you are?
Father replies about 300.
Daughter says well dad you were born in 1937 so how old would that make you?
Father replies 360?
Daughter replies no dad your 79.
Father says "o that's better, I thought I was old" I laugh every time I think of thier conversations
Donna 6th Mar 2016 Recreation


One that that has worked for me with some of the male resident during bingo ( they usually don't want to participate) is I bring them into the game and the first time they play I rig the game so they win and give them a prize usually it's a cookie and that's enough to get them hooked and now they can't Waite to play and the chance to win a treat.