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Wendy 16th May 2018 Student


Hi there

I'm coming in late to this conversation but am also interested in connecting with an overseas group. Someone who might be interested in skyping with us in addition to more traditional methods of communication?

Also, we run a weekly inter generational playgroup with Mums, Dad's and young children, if someone else does the same I think it would be a lovely session to connect using technology.

We are in Brisbane Australia - if you are interested please contact me on [email protected]

Thanks :)
Wendy 29th Dec 2016 Student


Thanks for your suggestions everyone - much appreciated. Wendy
Wendy 25th Dec 2016 Student


Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to purchase an Indoor Bowling / Bowls Mat?
Wendy 28th Sep 2016 Student

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

So beautiful Everyone! Lisa, yours looks incredibly realistic. May I ask how you did the trunk and the tree? Also what did you use for the backdrop?

Wendy 27th Sep 2016 Student


Thanks Talita for these links - they've given me some good starting points! Here's a couple more ideas to throw into the melting pot. Other suggestions welcome :-)

* I'm hoping to have some of the ladies bake cupcakes prior and we will wrap these and sell to staff/families as fundraiser
* Perhaps craft with ladies prior? Maybe paper flowers to use as decorations on day?
* With approval I'm hoping to raffle a "win a 1/2 day off" voucher. This is more of a fundraiser for the for staff but hopefully it will generate some interest!
* Encourage ladies and team/staff to wear pink on the day.
* I also really like the idea of having soft background music and reading some lovely poetry on the day.

As a fairly new face to Lifestyle and Leisure I'm very much enjoying the role and the process of creating activities to connect our beautiful residents :-)

Thanks again Talitha for ideas.
Wendy 23rd Sep 2016 Student


Hello, I'm looking for inspiration to create a successful pink ribbon day/fundraiser that engages our staff and residents. It has not been done in our facility before so any suggestions or ideas would be very welcome.

Many thanks in advance.