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Recreational Activity Officer From New South Wales, Australia

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Villan 24th Aug 2016 Recreational Activity Officer

How to host an Olympic Games Theme Day

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Golden Carers website creator. We had a blast in our Mini-Olympic games for the past 2 weeks. Both our Residents and Staff enjoyed thouroughly the program we prepared. Residents and their immediate families were also involved. Most of the ideas presented in your website were excellent and have given us the opportunity to facilitate the activities which had provided friendly competitions among our Resident and Staff alike. We received lots of praises from our Resident, co-workers and the Management.
Villan 16th Apr 2016 Recreational Activity Officer

Wedding Photo Guessing Game

We did the wedding photo guessogn game. It was a success but few felt sad because they miss their partners.
Villan 16th Feb 2016 Recreational Activity Officer

ANZAC Day Service

We celebrate Anzac Day at our place by inviting the local RSL club. Their representative will come and host our Anzac Day program. A local brass band brighten up the place and also our Chaplain read messages from the Bible and our Residents felt the spirit you can see some of them are in tears. Im a new member and truly grateful for being one. Your site provide many ideas to choose from. Thank you so much.