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KTK Activities 25th Mar 2024

Read-Aloud Audience Participation Story #15

Thank you so much for these audience participation stories! I did the "Backstage at an Elvis Concert" right after our residents Happy Hour. So much laughter and participation from everyone. We are having one every month now, by popular request. I can thoroughly recommend this activity.
KTK Activities 13th Oct 2023

Pot Luck Quiz 70

My residents thoroughly enjoyed this Pot Luck Quiz!
KTK Activities 10th Apr 2020

26 Ways to Rally Your Greater Community

Thank you so much for such an awesome activities for seniors every time. Much appreciated everything as really helpful for us doing activities. Cheers!
KTK Activities 20th Oct 2016

How to Plan Music Activities for Dementia Care

Music is one of the best meaningful activies for people with Dementia, It lights up the whole brain theirs eyes light up big smiles on their faces clapping hands tapping feet some of the residents get out their seats and start dancing,play the ukulele don't worry if you can't play sing even when you sing flat they don't judge you it's the enjoyment participation fun it's meaningful for them it brings back happy memories for them.they love it.