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Ashleigh 19th Mar 2023 Wellness & Lifestyle Coordinator

Circus Theme Party

Has anyone ever hired a clown? if so where from please
Ashleigh 6th Jan 2022 Wellness & Lifestyle Coordinator

Cruise Ship Theme Day


Did anyone make their own port holes? Thank you
Ashleigh 13th Dec 2020 Wellness & Lifestyle Coordinator


i am thinking of doing this activity of ducks in a swimming pool in our outside courtyard.
we have this at our local show/carnival
where they a floating rubber duck with a loop on top
the residents holds a stick/rod with a hoop. You put numbers on the bottom of the duck, resident has 3 turns. Whoever gets the highest score

where would I buy these Ducks from?

Thank you
Ashleigh 2nd Mar 2017 Wellness & Lifestyle Coordinator


Hey everyone,

We need to raise some money for our christmas decorations for this xmas... any ideas would e welcome

thank you