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Friendship Club Coordinator From Victoria, Australia

About Trish: 1/ Club Coordinator - The Friendship Club, Essendon, VIC, Australia. A club for the aged, frail and lonely. A club that meets weekly to enjoy friendships, activities, outings, entertainment, stories, laughter etc.
2/ Trish Simpson - Aged Care Entertainment. Sings well loved hits from the 50's / 60's. Interactive sessions with participation in group singing and partaking with musical instruments.

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Trish Simpson 11th Sep 2023 Friendship Club Coordinator

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: GROUP BINGO
Trish 27th Jun 2017 Friendship Club Coordinator

Optimal Activities - Marketing, Fundraising & Sourcing Free Resources

Great idea Sunya. I'm holding our first movie day and was going to create 'ticket stubbs', make popcorn and even have ice-cream on hand. I could add your idea of costume jewellery, hats and bow ties to add to the atmosphere.
Trish 8th Sep 2016 Friendship Club Coordinator


Hi folks. With the onset of AFL/NRL/Soccer finals (in Australia) can you provide me with suggestions for a 'footy' activity for my high functioning PAG? I only have one day/week with my group so space and time is limited but would like to arrange a fun activity the week prior to GF. Any ideas will be welcomed.