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Vicki 21st Jul 2021 Activities director

How to Overcome Common Dementia Challenges in Group Activities

Thank you for the great ideas! I have a resident in memory care who screams at other residents and staff when she is talking to them, and says things like “you’re an idiot I don’t understand you, I said I want Diet Coke!! She will scream to other residents to sit down, stop talking, she’s not playing the game right! I have talked to her about using an inside voice, instead of screaming. The care staff doesn’t know how to interact with her, and they get frustrated. Any ideas on how to handle her ??? Thank you!
Vicki 25th Nov 2020 Activities director


I was just thinking about Black Friday, and what to do!!! I am going to pass out fake dollars( maybe have them earn them) then I thought it would be fun to set up a little store table, with a sign that says Black Friday sale! I will get small bags of cookies, crackers, fruit snacks, candy bars, Kleenex, etc. I am lead recreation person in a Memory Care assisted living, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Vicki 28th Jan 2019 Activities director

Newsletter Template 1

Hello, iam interested in doing a newsletter in our community to! Would love to get a sample , and pros and cons! Thank you
Vicki (assistant activities director)
Park City Utah
Vicki 14th Aug 2018 Activities director


Hello, my name is Vicki, I work at a Senior Living in Utah. My job is assistance director of Activities. ( title -Vibrant Life Director) I have been a member for 2 years. I love the ideas, and resources that are available. My question is, I have residents that are constantly asking ( what's next? What can I do now? ) We have at least 8 activities a day. Does anyone have any ideas or experience doing ongoing activities that are left out to continually work on?? Thank you!