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Vicki 25th Nov 2020 Activities director


I was just thinking about Black Friday, and what to do!!! I am going to pass out fake dollars( maybe have them earn them) then I thought it would be fun to set up a little store table, with a sign that says Black Friday sale! I will get small bags of cookies, crackers, fruit snacks, candy bars, Kleenex, etc. I am lead recreation person in a Memory Care assisted living, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Vicki 28th Jan 2019 Activities director

Newsletter Template 1

Hello, iam interested in doing a newsletter in our community to! Would love to get a sample , and pros and cons! Thank you
Vicki (assistant activities director)
Park City Utah
Vicki 14th Aug 2018 Activities director


Hello, my name is Vicki, I work at a Senior Living in Utah. My job is assistance director of Activities. ( title -Vibrant Life Director) I have been a member for 2 years. I love the ideas, and resources that are available. My question is, I have residents that are constantly asking ( what's next? What can I do now? ) We have at least 8 activities a day. Does anyone have any ideas or experience doing ongoing activities that are left out to continually work on?? Thank you!