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Marianne 15th Jul 2016 Recreation Assistant

Coin Flick Challenge

i am going to try this, but will try using poker chips as the color may be easier for my VIP residents (vision impaired people)
LOVE the Golden Carers, get so many wonderful ideas, and enjoy sharing my ideas as well..
thanks everyone
Marianne 15th Jul 2016 Recreation Assistant

Paper Quilt Poster - Intergenerational activity

just wondering if i am missing something here...what is the purpose of the duct tape or masking tape...are there any pictures of FINISHED Paper Quilt Posters to share? sometimes i need a picture along with the instructions...
thanks for the idea, now if i can just get some clarification
Marianne 15th Jul 2016 Recreation Assistant

Things that go Together Quiz

this is a VERY successful activity with my LDC seniors...i have another section to this and it is famous couples...example: Lucy and Ricky, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Anthony and Cleopatra etc etc...they LOVE this one also.
i am ALWAYS looking for more ideas such as this, because no matter the severity of the dementia, this is a very INCLUSIVE activity
thanks Solange
Marianne 26th Apr 2016 Recreation Assistant

How to start a Garden Club for Seniors

i emailed all our team members at The Heights, and asked for donations of workboots, kids rain boots, old running shoes etc. i got a GREAT variety...i drilled holes in the soles of the shoes/boots put a layer of rocks, filled with potting soil and then planted basket stuffers in them...(violas, alyssum, dianthus, marigolds, petunias etc. then put them out in the garden beds around the patio that presently is full of lush GREEN plants this really has given the residents something to admire daily, as well as look after, and talk about with friends, family or other team members that come to visit. The left over flowers we had have since been planted in our raised garden beds.