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Ann Marie

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Ann Marie 12th Mar 2020 lifestyle coordinator


I like the idea of one on one foot massages, and giving a lovely tactile experience to residents when they are feeling down. I also like the idea of regularly taking around an activities trolley, filled with resources, such as books and magazines, colouring kits and knitting supplies, quiz sheets and crosswords, and a supply of cds that each resident can choose. important to remember that not all residents can do craft or write cohesively, so perhaps have a small hand massage kit on the trolley too.
Ann Marie 12th Mar 2020 lifestyle coordinator

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

great idea, thankyou
Ann Marie 20th Jan 2020 lifestyle coordinator

15 Goals for Your Activity Program

this is very helpful, thankyou
Ann Marie 25th Jan 2019 lifestyle coordinator

Aussie Bingo

thankyou so much for all the work you have put into this. Well Done!