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Sue 10th May 2017 Activities Aide

Word Ladder #1

I just used the word ladder for my morning trivia with our dementia unit. It was just wonderful! And fun. I'm interested in more. Four -letter words are perfect for our residents. As a twist, I did the ladder backwards from cold to warm, since it was chilly in our facility today.
Thank you for all the ideas.
Sue 28th Mar 2017 Activities Aide

Dealing with Grief: How to Cope when clients pass away

THank you so much for this timely article.
A month ago our family experienced the heartache of losing our young officer and his young friend in a tragic accident. My nephew was the driver and fell asleep at the wheel. Both were killed at the scene. I never had a chance to say goodbye to him, and my sister has been brittle dealing with her own grief and heartache.
TOday, I sat with one of my elder friends as he passed on. Family was not able to be with him, so I took my ukulele and sang hymns and read psalms. I felt honored to be part of his going on. In our dementia unit, such passing is a blessing as the latter stages of the disease take away life vitality. As his life departed, I asked him to tell my nephew how much I love him and miss him.
Later when family arrived, they felt so appreciative that I was there in those moments.
But the blessing is mine. This fine man had spent his life serving the church and shared a year with us and much joy.

With grief, I try to remember the joys.