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katherine 29th Jun 2021 Leisure & Lifetyle Coordinator

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

So amazed and thankful that we have this site to get great resources we need. One of my resident lost her speech and couldn't communicate. I found this clue card I'm looking for to use for her. So happy! Thank you very much Golden Carers!!!
katherine 3rd Jun 2021 Leisure & Lifetyle Coordinator


Hi, Do anyone know where I can purchase a therapy table mat, that can assist them to play and fiddle with their hands for our dementia residents.

Kathy P
katherine 4th Jul 2020 Leisure & Lifetyle Coordinator

18 Snippets of French Trivia

Thanks so much! All great ideas and activities :-)
katherine 8th Apr 2020 Leisure & Lifetyle Coordinator

Easter Quiz - Religious

Thanks so much! What a great help :-)