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Siouxsie 28th Nov 2018 Engagement Facilitator

Christmas Bingo

thank you so much for this it has saved the day as my student have not pr-paired a game for day
Siouxsie 6th Apr 2018 Engagement Facilitator


hi in England i have educated our Residents on Dignity and their rights i have taken bits from the dignity in care website and department of health papers. there are online audit tools you can make use of. we also have a dignity in care awareness day yearly to really remind everyone of what their rights are.
Siouxsie 11th Aug 2017 Engagement Facilitator

Inventions over the years

this is an Amazing list thank you
Siouxsie 9th Aug 2017 Engagement Facilitator

Blank Word Search Grid for Residents

i am planing this make a crossword today i will post our results and maybe we can add to the crossword collection and see what others come up with using the same gride. its a great tool thanks :)
Siouxsie 18th May 2016 Engagement Facilitator

Cocktail Making

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