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Mandalay Lifestyle Department 18th May 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Which Transport is Faster

Hello and thank you for this activity. BIG thank you for also adding the banner pictures. I am often stuck on where to find some great shadow images on google.
I am lamingating the images at the moment ready for a male orientated activty for our facility
Thank you again,
Mandalay Lifestyle Department 19th Aug 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

10 Activities for Seniors Week

Has anyone got any idea or themes? I have ladies group on Friday. all out of ideas!
Karen. D. T
Mandalay Lifestyle Department 29th Jul 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

All Things Weddings

Our facility manager is getting married soon, so this coming week we are having her"hens party". Residents are involved in party games, decorating, bridal morning tea and written advise for the lucky bride-to-be read out at the event. Many residents have enjoyed sharing their own wedding stories with both residents and staff to date.