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Mandalay Lifestyle Department 3rd Mar 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator

Rainbow Guided Meditation

Love this thanks Golden carers
Mandalay Lifestyle Department 16th Aug 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

Father's Day Poster #3

Golden Carers is our number one GO TO... for our activity calendar.
The best is the templates that are available for all the ideas of activities.

I am part of a team of *newbies* and they have been given so much confidence with these resources. They come to me with a complete plan and are so enthusiastic for their ideas.

Thankyou Golden carers are truly are worth your weight in gold.
Mandalay Lifestyle Department 21st Dec 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator


Morning Lori,
We have ladies group every fortnight. One of the best topic for our ladies were* Bring a special item and we'll ask you three questions about it" who gave it to you. How long ago did you receive it, how do you feel about today?" We can have up to 20 lads at time and I had to limit the length of each discussion but still with a positive approach for all concerned hence the 3 questions for each.
Mandalay Lifestyle Department 14th Dec 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Spot the Differences - Christmas Intergenerational

For the Christmas break, our department makes many booklets using your resources for the residents to continue with their Brain Training. Thank you for spot the differences, trivia, word searches which assist with mental stimulations for our residents.
Jan L/S Coordinator, QLD
Mandalay Lifestyle Department 18th May 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Which Transport is Faster

Hello and thank you for this activity. BIG thank you for also adding the banner pictures. I am often stuck on where to find some great shadow images on google.
I am lamingating the images at the moment ready for a male orientated activty for our facility
Thank you again,
Mandalay Lifestyle Department 19th Aug 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

10 Activities for Seniors Week

Has anyone got any idea or themes? I have ladies group on Friday. all out of ideas!
Karen. D. T
Mandalay Lifestyle Department 29th Jul 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

All Things Weddings

Our facility manager is getting married soon, so this coming week we are having her"hens party". Residents are involved in party games, decorating, bridal morning tea and written advise for the lucky bride-to-be read out at the event. Many residents have enjoyed sharing their own wedding stories with both residents and staff to date.