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Sotiana 29th May 2019 Leisure &Lifestyle Officer

Under the Sea Bingo

I am indeed amazed by this new activity and we are trying it out today! Thank you Sara
Sotiana 1st Nov 2018 Leisure &Lifestyle Officer

Words starting with G Quiz #2

Ongoing resources that can never be overlooked, such an amazing site.. and am so blessed of Golden Carers.
Sotiana 27th Aug 2018 Leisure &Lifestyle Officer

Match the Songs with The Movies

I love GOLDEN CARERS WEBSITE.....all queries answered.. what an absolute asset I cannot go without it.
Sotiana 16th Nov 2017 Leisure &Lifestyle Officer

Reminiscing: The Early Days of Black & White T.V

I am so greatly blessed of this website, how can I work without you, so relevant, upfront and always something new to learn. Thank you Golden
Sotiana 21st Jun 2017 Leisure &Lifestyle Officer

Fun Riddle 35

Forever grateful for such an amazing resource, relevant and accurate, how would I work without you love Goldencarers
Sotiana 8th Feb 2017 Leisure &Lifestyle Officer

Guess the Nations – Mind Game

How can we work without you?, such a great asset to our job, and our care recipients look forward to attending the activities. Thank you
Sotiana 30th Nov 2016 Leisure &Lifestyle Officer

Finish the Sayings and Proverbs Game

We are indeed blessed with this resources and honestly, how could I manage without Golden Carers!!!..amazing site.
Sotiana 20th Sep 2016 Leisure &Lifestyle Officer

World Globe Coloring & Captions

Thank you so much, for this.. would be of great use today as I was looking around for an activity and this comes in very handy...I love goldencarers.
Sotiana 27th May 2016 Leisure &Lifestyle Officer


I am, indeed amazed of such, helpful resources in all areas of serving in the aged care facility.