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Kelly 24th Feb 2017 Activity Director


We have Yahtzee tables, Brain Games, Anagrams games, You be the Judge, Spelling Bees, Noodle Hockey - pool noodles & they play hockey against each other, Dice Games, Penny Ante, Deck of Cards Bingo, Giant Crossword puzzles, Crafting groups, religious groups, Painting & Craft Classes, Happy Hour, Trivia, Story Making & telling, Nail pampering, Order in dinner groups, Wii Games, Bowling, Bean Bags, Name 5 (you name random subjects & they name 5 things of that subject), Sudoku, Boggle, Reminiscing, Name that Tune, Sensory Groups, Whack it Volleyball - cut pool noodles into short pieces & that is what they hit a giant balloon over the net with, Shopping Station - set up items from Dollar store - manned by Volunteer, all items are $1 residents can pay in cash or charge if they have money in an account.