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Shannon 2nd Jun 2020 Information Coordinator


In Australia it is illegal to show a movie without the correct licencing unless under certain conditions.

It cannot be planned, organised or charged (gold coin type situation). All you can do is to put a disc on for someone, and have other people in the room at the same time, like you would in your own lounge room. But the moment it's organised, advertised etc, it becomes a theatrical showing and must be licensed. The Australian Copyright Council has information about this specifically for residential aged care.

However there are a couple of things that you can do to get around this. If you know the copyright holder, you can ask for permission. Get it in writing if you can, but if you have their permission it overwrites pretty much anything. This maybe someone who filmed everything around them in home movies, or a filmmaker that you know.

Or you can hire your movies from a distributor which includes the licence to show it an audience, and even collect money for it depending of the licence conditions. Some distributors are very reasonable in their pricing and a film can cost as little $30 for a month's hire.

Also burnt discs are illegal and there are only certain circumstances where they are legal, but pretty much never is the answer for them. And working in aged care will not stop you being fined, and in the case of a local worker, her employer refused to pay the fine and she had to pay all of it.
Shannon 29th Jan 2019 Information Coordinator

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

There are 40+ languages available here in 2 different formats.

And our library has a wide range of communication cards and guides at we often recommend lifestyle workers to borrow the product from us to trial it, before purchasing it, as many of the products on the market can be quite pricey!
Shannon 13th Dec 2016 Information Coordinator


Hi Marnie

We have many people doing this. I find workers are pleased to share their culture with the residents and often have a great supply of costumes, music, photos etc. So if you have workers from different backgrounds there is a source just there.

Your local public library may also have things you can borrow. It's amazing what you can find there.

You can also access your local community groups. Often there is an older dance group, musicians, or person who is happy to come and talk to them. Some may ask for money, but there are just as many who don't.

Also, our library has quite a collection of DVDs and music from many countries just for this reason and they are available for anyone to borrow Australia wide... is the address
Shannon 13th Dec 2016 Information Coordinator


Hi Lowana and Shelley

Tombola is Italian bingo, it is run a little differently to our bingo. Or it is like a lottery or raffle is done at a fete. The main difference is the prizes are assigned a random number and the participants buy a ticket from a barrel or basket or something and hope it is the matching number...

The Christmas tombola sounds like the fete version of one, in which case you would set it up no differently to the way you do a raffle. Here's a good simple description for you

If you are referring to the bingo-type game, then you need the usual bingo gear and have special cards made up. They are different from other bingo cards as they have 3 rows and 9 columns. Each card has approximately 15 numbers on it with each with many blank rows.

A good instruction sheet for this game, with the calls in Italian is here
Shannon 28th Oct 2016 Information Coordinator

TV & Movie Quiz 1

Pechola, you can get pictures of many famous people from Wikipedia.

Be careful with where you access your images as they can often be covered by copyright. If you can, source images that use the creative commons licencing (CC) as these are free and legal to use! Wikipedia use CC and you can also do a CC search on

For more info about creative commons visit this site
Shannon 19th Jul 2016 Information Coordinator


Hi Thea

Do you know which part of Italy she is from?

Shannon 10th Jun 2016 Information Coordinator


Hi Sally

You could do some Polish paper cutting with him. There are some amazing images etc that are created through Polish papercutting and it doesn't require any specialised materials.

We also have a library that has Polish resources in it that you could access too