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Jacqulyn 13th Nov 2020 Activity Program Coordinator

Silhouette Pictures

We really had a great time accessorizing these silhouettes. We have had family and friends wanting to purchase them! (Hmmm not a bad idea for a fundraiser!)
Jacqulyn 23rd Jul 2020 Activity Program Coordinator


We have a group of Residents that are "historical loners". They do not like to socialize with others. If they do, it might be for 5-10 minute or less(only when smoking). They only come out of their rooms for smoking, at various times, then go back into their rooms and watch TV or sleep. Trying to engage them into participate with the activities, that they themselves stated they like to do (upon admission and besides smoking) is very difficult. Please, if anyone has any suggestions as to what I can offer, please toss them to me, I think I'm a pretty good catcher(ha, ha)!
Jacqulyn 31st Dec 2019 Activity Program Coordinator

Cultural Presentation

I've had it 2 times a year. Third week in February and/or in October, if I don't get too busy.
Jacqulyn 19th Dec 2019 Activity Program Coordinator

Name the Car Logos Visual Quiz

I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This web sight! Soooo much information for to use in activities and with our Residents/Patients!
Jacqulyn 14th Dec 2019 Activity Program Coordinator


Hi! I just came across this forum. It sounds like a great idea! I have 3 Residents(at this time) that's interested in Pen Pals! my email... it's a looong one...ha ha!..
[email protected]
Jacqulyn 9th Oct 2018 Activity Program Coordinator


"Dollar Tree Auction" We provide the fake money and hand- made paddles for them to bid. We have some items donated within the month and some items (snacks, perfume, bar soap, etc.) we purchase at the Dollar Tree Store. We've had Residents buy a can of chips for $25 and a package of socks sold for $150! Some of the staff get involved by assisting residents, bidding for them! They look forward to it each month! Try it and see how it goes!
Jacqulyn 22nd Sep 2017 Activity Program Coordinator

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

Thanks for the creative info! Just what we needed!