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Geraldine M 13th Apr 2021 Lifestyle therapist

4 Neurobic Brain Exercises for Baby Boomers

Thanks for providing interesting imaginative ideas and advice.
Geraldine M 27th Jul 2019 Lifestyle therapist

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Wheelchair Soccer
Geraldine M 1st Dec 2018 Lifestyle therapist

How to Start an Advent Morning Tea Tradition

Loved the Advent wreath so pretty and inspiring. Like tha candels such a great start to Christmas
Geraldine M 6th Oct 2017 Lifestyle therapist

Sundownder Music

Fantastic just hooked up with Spotify. Thank you for sharing your talents and skills. Bless all Activity Lifestyle co ordinators. Geraldine Melican
Geraldine M 3rd Aug 2017 Lifestyle therapist

Blank Word Search Grid for Residents

Fantastic ideas...........really enjoy looking up activities or just to jog my me confidence as have just graduated. Well done.
Geraldine M 28th Feb 2017 Lifestyle therapist

Match Ups

Great ideas keep them coming
Geraldine M 12th Jan 2017 Lifestyle therapist

Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care

Wonderful practicle low cost heart warming activities. Thanks for reminding me. Very valuable Geraldine Melican
Geraldine M 3rd Sep 2016 Lifestyle therapist

Dementia Care & The Physical Environment

Really helpful thought provking advice well done
Geraldine M 7th Jul 2016 Lifestyle therapist

What is goal-directed behaviour?

fantastic analysis of Dementia in a NUrsing facility. Well Done
Geraldine M 4th Jul 2016 Lifestyle therapist


Good on you Jane loved your story so positive. It works well if the residents dont have their dog in the facility. Bless your work