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Maria 22nd May 2020 Lifestyle Assistant


Hi just like to get some ideas on how we can celebrate cultural celebrations like Italian day and Philippine's Independence Day during covid 19. We accept family visitors now in our facility on staggered basis and needs to make appointment with our GM. Only 2 family members are allowed to come and 2x a week and required to have their flu vax and present the evidence of vaccination. And no cross over yet of residents from different wings. Pls. give some of your ideas.
Maria 30th Apr 2020 Lifestyle Assistant


I work in an aged care facility. What would you write on resident's evaluation when the resident does not participate in any of the activities despite of encouragement by team members? And communicated that living in an aged care is like living in a prison. Resident used to participate in activities but changed. when encouraged to join in outing before COVID 19, will plan to join but on the day will change the mind. A Catholic and used to attend the church service but declined to attend for a while.
Maria 25th Feb 2020 Lifestyle Assistant

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

Love this idea! thanks for sharing Kim.
Maria 24th Apr 2018 Lifestyle Assistant

This Day in History for Seniors: April

This is really a good website. Helps in every way and reminds us of special days and programs that we can include in our activities. Well done!You make our life easier.
Maria 14th Feb 2018 Lifestyle Assistant


I was trying to look for the clip but couldn't find it. can you pls send the link . I am really interested to see the clip. thanks
Maria 12th Feb 2018 Lifestyle Assistant

10 Daily Living Activities for Dementia Care

I work as lifestyle asst and when we have cooking I supervise the residents involve in cooking. I ask them to wash their hands and dry, wear gloves, apron and hair net. Others are happy watching and enjoy reminiscing. Normally we prepare for their afternoon tea.
Maria 30th May 2017 Lifestyle Assistant

Funny Poems by Roald Dahl

funny poem i will read this to my residents
Maria 3rd Apr 2017 Lifestyle Assistant

Dealing with Grief: How to Cope when clients pass away

Thank you for posting this article. My CM is organizing a seminar on Dealing with Grief, any suggestions whom we can contact to talk about it in our facility. I will really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks
Maria 6th Sep 2016 Lifestyle Assistant

AFL Team Emblems

This is a good website helps me a lot specially I am new in this field.
Maria 10th Aug 2016 Lifestyle Assistant

Intrusive Behavior Care Plan Sample

Yes I also have issues with our dementia residents especially for sundowners. I would appreciate if you have any more suggestions.