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Activity Assistant From British Columbia, Canada

About Jaswinder : I love my job as an activity assistant. Working with seniors is a blessing and I feel truly grateful whenever I am able to put a smile on their faces!

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Jaswinder 27th Jan 2017 Activity Assistant

Quiz: God in Different Languages

God is in Sikhism AKAL PURKH
Jaswinder 13th Dec 2016 Activity Assistant

'Good Day' in different languages

Asha din gujre -Hindi
Sohna din hove - Punjabi
Jaswinder 1st Sep 2016 Activity Assistant


This site is an amazing resource for those newly entering this field. I don't have that much experience, but this website has helped me become more confident at creating new programs. Thank you very much!
Jaswinder 1st Sep 2016 Activity Assistant

Fun Riddle 25

I really like the rhyme riddles. I thing its fun activity.