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Wendy 3rd Mar 2017 Student

Armchair Travel Group Play

This week we went to spotlight and they have material you can purchase which is a map of the world you just need 1 panel cost was around $13.00 we will use this as a wall hanging back drop.
Wendy 17th Feb 2017 Student

Hangman & Variations

Sandy I had a resident who asked to play hangman yesterday so I was so excited to find your post thanks can't wait to play with my residents
Wendy 3rd Nov 2016 Student

Spot The Differences - Mechanic

That's fantastic we are always searching for something to do with the gentlemen they are going to love this activity
Wendy 22nd Aug 2016 Student

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

Just joined and I am loving, the information is so helpful thank-you.