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Caralyn 28th Dec 2022 Director of Resident Activities

Balloon Games

I have had residents make their own rackets using old metal coat hangers (if you can find them) and old nylon stockings. to make racket, hold the hanger from the hook part and middle of the straight part pull it out. then put the stocking over it and tie it. I like to tape the handle with duct tape. hit punch balloons with it
Caralyn 12th Jan 2022 Director of Resident Activities

15 Virtual Activities for Residents in Isolation

This was great to send out! Does anyone have other sites or suggestions for virtual activities!?
Caralyn 19th Jan 2021 Director of Resident Activities

Team Leadership: Discipline & Workplace Performance

I have a staff member who came onto the team very excited and has lost momentum. I think it's a combination of pandemic burnout and possibly a few other things, but the activities have seemed to have been a bit lacking on her floor.

I have provided suggestions on activities and she always gives an excuse that she asks the residents and they say they would rather sit in their rooms. She always has the excuse that "the residents don't want to do anything". This particular floor has always been a bit challenging, but it is part of her responsibility to be a cheerleader for them and encourage them to get out and try something new. Anyone else experience a situation like this?