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Danica 4th Aug 2017 Activity Coordinator

Guess How Old They Are Now

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Guess the Celebrity Age
Danica 8th Jul 2017 Activity Coordinator


An organization from Toronto is in the process of creating a beginners instructional guide of sorts for Intergenerational Programs, it is called SKIP-in-a-Box. Perhaps take a look!
Their website has some great ideas as well!
Danica 15th Mar 2017 Activity Coordinator


Hi Everyone, I work in a long-term care facility as an Activities and Volunteer Coordinator. We are in very exciting times and moving to a brand new facility. The facility is much larger and we are consolidating two of our locations to one, which means twice as many residents. Does anyone have any experience with moving facilities and tips on transitioning the residents from a resident life and activities standpoint?