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Elaine 25th Jul 2018 PCW

Whiteboard Word Quiz

I play a similar game, depending on the topic/theme for example winter I ask the clients to give me words starting with "wi".
They try and better themselves with getting more words each time.
Elaine 1st May 2018 PCW


You could include up coming birthdays for the month.
Manager message
Events that's ate going to happen that month.
I hope this helps
Elaine 12th Sep 2017 PCW

Beer Pong Game

I changed the game to Water Pong game,
I put the cup on a tray so it could be moved up and down the table and still have 2 teams playing. The clients were not sure about the game until they started to get the balls in the cups. They had a great time.
Elaine 26th Feb 2017 PCW

Cars Quiz, Trivia and Word Search

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Cars
Elaine 5th Jan 2017 PCW

Australian inventions that changed the world

have plan an activity around the inventions that are Australian as part of Australian Day theme. Going to do a timeline and discuss and reminisce about them.
Elaine 2nd Dec 2016 PCW

Aviation the Way It Was

changing my program for my male clients who had a pilots licence. They will be very interested in flying