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Sandy 1st Sep 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator


Thank you Sheri..
Sandy 28th Aug 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator


Thank You Susan, yes I am planning to invite families .
Sandy 21st Aug 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator


HI Everyone, I am planning to have circus theme party in memory support unit. I need to invite one of the following:
•Stand-up Comedians
just wondering if anybody got more information.

thank you for your help in advance.

Sandy 22nd Feb 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator

Pumpkin Scones Recipe

Hi , do we need to do risk assessment for cooking session?
if yes, what type of questions should be added to the risk assessment?
Thanks .
Sandy 9th Feb 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi there, I need to start the cooking session, can anyone please help me with how to do the risk assessment......