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Diane 16th Jan 2024 Recreation Team Leader

Never Have I Ever Game for Seniors

Thankyou for sharing, can't wait to try..It sounds like a lot of laughs...
Diane 2nd Nov 2021 Recreation Team Leader

Lucky Door Prize - With a Twist

Wow sounds like fun, cant wait to try it....Thankyou
Diane 9th Apr 2021 Recreation Team Leader

Red or Black Card Game

Look forward to trying this, Thankyou
Diane 5th Aug 2020 Recreation Team Leader

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

Once again thank you so much to allowing us to share all the wonderful ideas that are on golden carers, it is so helpful and inspiring and they give our residents so much fun and the feeling of achievement once we have completed them and it is great that we can spread the days out and do a lot over time rather than in one session.
Diane 12th Feb 2020 Recreation Team Leader

Celebrity Bingo

Thank you so much for the activity ideas. so very helpful and my residents love them all.
Diane 18th Dec 2019 Recreation Team Leader

End of Year Message 2023

Wishing you and your staff and all who contributes to this awesome website a very happy , safe and fun Christmas. I have learned so much and my residents have had a lot of fun with the activities I have tried.
Diane 12th Dec 2018 Recreation Team Leader

Pick Your Topic

Sounds like a great idea thank you , will definitely give it a go !
Diane 5th Apr 2018 Recreation Team Leader

Harry & Megan - Romantic Timeline

Thank you so much to everyone for all the great ideas, so beneficial for all in our job.
Our residents benefit so much from such a selection of topics.
Soooo appreciated.
Diane 14th Mar 2018 Recreation Team Leader

6 Whiteboard Games for the Elderly

Thankyou these games are a lot of fun :)
Diane 4th Mar 2017 Recreation Team Leader

Irish Carpet Bowls

Thank you, can imagine lots of laughs with this game...