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Janaya 28th May 2017 OTA

Balloon tennis

To further spice up this motor activity. I tossed three balloons, at varying intervals, and all of the same colour, into the circle. Any balloon within reach was "fair game" the result was hilarious laughter and controlled 'chaos' - with balloons shooting everywhere.
At first, I threw in balloons of all different colours, but found our dementia patients could only focus on and track one coloured balloon.
Tossing in one then.. two, then... three of the same colour,
solved the problem fantastically.
Janaya 15th May 2017 OTA

Balloon tennis

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Balloon tennis
Janaya 12th Dec 2016 OTA

Quiz: What Can Be Worn on your Feet?

A great, quick and easy word association activity. Perfect for occupation while waiting for a meal, a bus or, a performer, to arrive etc.