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Marie 27th May 2023 Activities


ways to celebrate June 19th in a nursing home.
Marie 11th Mar 2018 Activities

Attire of the World Quiz

This is a Great way to engage residents on a Saturday morning group gathering. I made some changes and the residents were reminiscing and storytelling about the outfits. Thank You.
Marie 7th Jul 2017 Activities

Short Stories about Forgiveness

These short stories were excellent. I used these stories to follow-up with my Bible study class. My topic was on forgiveness. The resident enjoyed the short stories.
Marie 21st Jan 2017 Activities

Matching Colours

This is good activity for late stage dementia. Also you can use your colorful bingo chips. Before the Bingo game I ask the residents to sort there chips by colors - But be carefully for residents putting them in their mouth mistaking them for cookies.
Marie 15th Jan 2017 Activities

I Went to Market Memory Game

I used this activity for a small group of dementia residents and after the second try they were having fun.. They told me it was fun trying to recall what each one had said. At the end of the activity residents began to improve on there socializations, and helping each other to recall what was said and what they purchased at the market. Using the market idea was excellent. Thank You. Marie. USA
Marie 8th Jan 2017 Activities

Things that go Together Quiz

I used this activity as a warm up before we began our main group engagement. Residents were thinking outside be box with other answers. This was a good social activity for interaction. Residents were smiling and helping each other. Thank you for sharing this. activity. Marie.

Marie 1st Jan 2017 Activities

Name the Aircraft Quiz

Thank you for this activity. I used this for a Saturday morning small group of women. All the ladies had good responses. We also reminisced about our first airplane ride and shared stories. Thank you. Marie.
Marie 25th Dec 2016 Activities

Paint Stick Matching Game

This activity will be great for dementia resident.