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Paula 27th Jul 2019 DT


Thank You Susan
I've been reading the new Quality Standards and so far understand all that you have replied.
What I'm not getting is slotting the old standards into the 1_8 New standards I think a lot of them crossover. I also think whatever my interpretation ,Management will
Come up with their own approach. I agree wether it works time will tell I think there is allot of things that need changing particularly staff to customer rachio .
Thanks again
Paula 23rd Jul 2019 DT


Thank You Susan the thing is I just don't want to join Facebook .
I would appreciate anyone out there could give me some feedback I have been working on it. However it would be good to Compare with other professionals
Paula 22nd Jul 2019 DT


Can anyone tell me how they are going with the new 8 standards intergrating them form the old standards.
I just want a couple.of examples to see I'm on the right track
Paula 9th May 2017 DT

Volunteers Luncheon Ideas

Hello hi to all out there
I am lifestyle coordinator at a lovely boutique residential home in Myrtle Bank S.A.
I am looking for some extra volunteers our volunteers are well respected and have meaningful roles within the lifestyle calendar.
I am also looking for a driver for our residents mini bus we are willing to pay a small reimbursement this would be perfect for a pensioner.
I would love to hear from you please contact [email protected]
Kind Regards