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Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator From Queensland, Australia

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Mary 21st Feb 2022 Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator

Recipe for Welsh Cakes: Picau ar y Maen

Perfect, we will attempt your recipe next month :)
Mary 24th Dec 2019 Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator

End of Year Message 2023

Thank you for the wonderful, helpful resources you provide.
Merry Christmas to your team.
From Brisbane, Australia
Mary 23rd Jan 2018 Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi - A while back we held a staff pampering day. Lifestyle staff organised pamper stations ie - foot spa, shoulder massage, yummy bbq and salad for lunch.
We also have a monthly "Random acts of know kindness" draw. Staff and residents can only nominate one staff each month. Prizes are ViP car park for the month, complete with signage, a gift around $30 plus laminated RAOK certificate. Then we profile that staff for the month ie Ten questions with..... On A3 and add a pic of them collecting prize .We display in staff room, questions are fun and
non intrusive + resident draws the name out during their lunch :)