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Yvonne 4th Jun 2017 RAO Aged Care

Charades Game

I have been using this activity for a while now- Used this activity around Mothers Day including tasks that mums perform, occupations- also had a husband visiting who likes to join in & gave him the "giving birth" card - they had around 4 children & he found it hilarious - another male single resident is a retired farmer who I gave the "breast- feeding" card- everyone had a wonderful time- it's amazing how at first they don't leave the sitting position then once they become comfortable with the activity they are really getting the mojo of acting it out - The activity is very inclusive, I prompt & act out with those needing assistance & we went around the circle with each one telling us how many children they had & their names - some spoke about children they have lost - we gave them love & empathy - working life as well acknowledged- we gave recognition to them of a wonderful job well done.
Yvonne 17th Dec 2016 RAO Aged Care


Hi Kimberly - I have only just today had our chair dancing activity- they LOVE IT - smiles all around - it consists of singing, wheelchair dancing - myself & a carer move them around the room in movement to the music, walker people stand & dance with their walker or dance with us staff for support & non aided also dance with us- I start with a jazzie one to get them in the mood - today was Christmas music - they wave, clap & cheer each other on - it's suitable for all residents - you just accommodate to the need- happy dancing!
Yvonne 17th Dec 2016 RAO Aged Care


Hi Belinda - we had an accountant who was a wanderer wanting to go home so each day we would give him some new maths sheets ( we had them already printed & kept in the wing) and told him we needed the work completed by the next day - he had a nice folder to keep them in - we would give him new sheets & take the completed ones - it does't matter if they are repeated again - just simple maths - addition + , subtraction, multiplication- they are numbers people so this is very suitable - games with numbers maybe also - hope this helps