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Bronwyn 28th Jan 2019 Support Worker/RAO


Hi Molly

Thank you again, I could get to that Pinterest link it wouldnt open and the craft on Golden Carers was mainly bottles not the tops :-(
Bronwyn 19th Jan 2019 Support Worker/RAO


Hi Molly that sounds great will try that (Coasters) as for the door wreath where would I look for that? Pinterest? Or on this terrific site? Unfortunately there isn’t a area to look out, that’s just the design of the house plus we need to be in air conditioning.

Hi Susan I am with client in their home 1:1 on this day, so the Bingo markers are a wonderful idea but I am wanting a idea for just them, I am wracking my brain.

It needs to be easy.

Thanks Bron
Bronwyn 15th Jan 2019 Support Worker/RAO


Hi Everyone I'm looking for easy but effective craft ideas with plastic bottle tops, you know the ones off your coke or water bottle. I am also looking at 1:1 ideas working with a client who has early onset Dementia, they love to paint, however on these hot days, 4hrs outside under a Aussie awning is too much!! So what would you suggest we could do. Our company is very big on the Montessori Principles.. Thanks again :-)
Bronwyn 21st Nov 2017 Support Worker/RAO


Great ideas on You Tube!
Bronwyn 5th Sep 2017 Support Worker/RAO


Thank you everyone
Bronwyn 21st Aug 2017 Support Worker/RAO


Hi Everyone, I am looking for an Activity on a Sunday afternoon 1pm - 2.15pm in our (High Care section) I know I shouldn't segregate, as it is now known as "Ageing in Place". We have Sing-along after morning tea and its great, however I am stuck for an idea to keep my beautiful residents uplifted. Thanks again Bron in Australia.
Bronwyn 6th Aug 2017 Support Worker/RAO

Tips for Writing Successful Activity Programs for Senior Care

I love this idea but can you explain how many numbers on each A5 card? Also with the children's colourful balls what size, do you have 40 of them & what do you place them in? With the markers do you use whiteboard markers? Sorry for the questions I want to do it right
Bronwyn 1st Aug 2017 Support Worker/RAO


Hi Susan yes thank you I received & thanked you :-) had a bit of trouble changing it word kept freezing grrrr
Bronwyn 29th Jul 2017 Support Worker/RAO


HI there, does anyone have an easy Social, Cultural & Spiritual Care Plan (Template that I can type into)...... Something that has (3) three columns and the headings are as follows:
Resident Goals

I would dearly love your help so I can put this assessment to bed LOL!!


Bronwyn 11th Jul 2017 Support Worker/RAO


Hi there I am after some really easy templates for my residents in "high" care to paint (I know I shouldn't say that) but