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Carol 20th Mar 2018 Activities Organiser


Hi Karen and Kerry, I too am in the UK.
For St.David's day I get daffodils made up in craft session beforehand so they can be displayed,do a quiz on Wales, I have a "Famous David's quiz' ( there are quite a lot if you research it), I have a jumbled up black and white picture of twenty things that begin with D. Kind of on top of each other so they have to turn the paper this way and that. Finally,get out the CDs with Welsh singers.
Carol 20th Mar 2018 Activities Organiser


Hi everyone
Re.St.Patricks day I put up shamrock bunting,do a white board word game 'All words have to have IRE in them',another:make a GREEN list,have adult colouring page of leprechaun, I read out Irish jokes and do a short quiz about Ireland and play Irish music.
I normally have a room of about nine people all of which are immobile.
Keep the wonderful work going on this site
Carol 1st Mar 2018 Activities Organiser

Pampering Facials for Senior Care

I do this and call it Namaste Care(Google it if you are not familiar with it)
I put on quiet classical music,light some oil burners usually with lavender essential oil,hang fairy lights around and dim the lights.
I offer Ponds face cream(it's been around for years and most recognise the smell.)
Then we offer manicure and finish with lavender hand cream.
For those who are fairly unresponsive, I offer a Swatch of different textured materials,glass people's in nice colours,marbles and those beautifully coloured small lizard type animals. I think they are stuffed with sand. You do have to watch the no-one puts the hard thing in their mouth.
Carol 9th May 2017 Activities Organiser

Shop til you drop OP shop HOP

I see. Thank you.
Carol 3rd May 2017 Activities Organiser

Shop til you drop OP shop HOP

Can someone tell me what an OP shop is?
How did all the wheelchairs get pushed with only 4 pushers? Ki
Carol 23rd Mar 2017 Activities Organiser

Teddy Bears Picnic Party/Get together

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Party/get together
Carol 22nd Feb 2017 Activities Organiser

Reminiscing with Vintage Photos

Could we have some British-specific photographs please?
Wonderful site
Carol 2nd Feb 2017 Activities Organiser

Funny Limericks II

Brilliant.Any more?
Carol 24th Jan 2017 Activities Organiser


Great site,so glad I found you.
Is there any way we could go to the forum and carry on where we left off instead of having to travel through all the previous posts.

Carol 21st Jan 2017 Activities Organiser

Birthday Celebration Song

Love it. Thank you.