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Coordinator Day Centre From New South Wales, Australia

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Leesha 21st May 2021 Coordinator Day Centre

Hedgehog Book Art

This was a simple and very effective activity that our group loved. Thank you for sharing it.
Leesha 18th Dec 2020 Coordinator Day Centre

Collection of Fun Riddles

These have been an absolute hit in our day centre, so much so that our clients have completed every one of them and are asking for more! A great start of the day activity for everyone to complete independently - thanks so much! Hopefully there will be more soon.
Leesha 18th Nov 2020 Coordinator Day Centre

Who Am I? December Birthdays

Our clients love this activity - great for reminiscence and including all of the group.
Leesha 8th Jul 2020 Coordinator Day Centre

Target Letter Game 1

Thank you for this activity. We played on the whiteboard and managed to get everyone in the group involved - fantastic!
Leesha 19th Dec 2019 Coordinator Day Centre

Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees

This was a lovely activity - the final product looked great,