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Marjorie 25th Aug 2019 Activities Assistant

An Orchard of Trivia

We have already used these questions for an informal chat session with our residents.
It was lot's of fun talking about apple pie, and what kind of apples were the favorites.
Also inspired talks about home canning and what things were canned for the winter months.
Thank you for always inspiring me with interesting topics, keep them coming!
Marjorie 27th Mar 2019 Activities Assistant

Movie Star Bingo

this is a lot of fun! My dementia residents loved reminiscing about the ones they remembered.
Marjorie 17th Feb 2019 Activities Assistant

Hollywood Stars Bingo

Our Dementia residents loved looking at the old pictures! They all remembered something about each of the pictures. It was fun for reminiscing, even when we were not playing Bingo.
The one comment that was the funniest was about Marilyn Monroe. When I asked one of the women if she knew who it was, she just shook her head and said "The Dress"! 60 years later, she still remembers the picture of the dress, that she did NOT like!
Marjorie 30th May 2018 Activities Assistant


Thank you so much for the suggestion of celebrating the royal wedding!
We used it as the theme for our tea party, and had a lovely time wearing home made fascinators to go with it. We had 24 smiling ladies and gentlemen who thoroughly enjoyed the party.
Marjorie 18th Feb 2018 Activities Assistant

Alphabet Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Alphabet Game
Marjorie 14th Jan 2018 Activities Assistant

How to Manage Wandering in Dementia Care

We have a large facility that allows and encourages wandering. It is a physical outlet for those who have led very active lives, or like you say they are on their way “somewhere”. Eventually they relax and sit, sometimes we offer very lifelike dolls, or babies for them to take care of. We even have a baby buggy to push around which they enjoy. Several of them are “babysitting” like a grandparent might.
Marjorie 1st Sep 2017 Activities Assistant

How to Avoid Burnout

Thanks for a meaningful article. After 3 years in the Activitiy Dept. I was feeling a little bit "out of gas" myself. I always appreciate your new ideas and suggestions. It certainly helps in the creativity and idea areas immensely. Keep up the great emotional support that you provide!
Marjorie 20th Aug 2017 Activities Assistant

Sundownder Music

I have found this very useful! I have also found songs for specific religions and the lyrics so we could sing them together.

Marjorie 23rd Jun 2017 Activities Assistant

Father's Day Jokes

I shared your Father's Day Jokes with both the men and the women at our Dementia Facility.
Everyone laughed, and laughed about how corny they were, then said tell us another one!
Thanks for giving us some smiles, and please keep them coming.
Marjorie 18th Jan 2017 Activities Assistant

Name the Aircraft Quiz

Thank you so much for the great photos and information. I work with many men who were in the aerospace field and can identify these aircraft. Even though they all have Memory problems, they are so very proud of their contributions in this field.
Can't wait to try it with some of our engineers!