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Lifestyle Coordinator From Victoria, Australia

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Providence 5th Nov 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


Throughout the year , we have lovely photos of our residents on outings, doing craft or participating in an activity . A photo brag album has been purchased and a couple of photos will be placed in it , for families to add too. Can’t go wrong with a personal gift.
Providence 4th Jun 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

Chair Exercises

We actually tell a story, that incorporates chair exercises. e.g.
Resident picks a place to "walk "to that also has a lake. We walk to the lake then after the count of 3 we have a short "run" Arriving, we get into a row boat and sing the song. The boat capsizes, so we sink or swim! Swimming first, then for those who cant swim, doggy paddle and for those who cant do either, put your hand up and say : help" We get back to the edge of the water, get our bikes that someone has kindly left there and go home for morning tea. Finish off with singing and do the actions to the chicken dance in the chair, joke of the day and the activity is always full of fun and laughter.