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About Clive: The Vintage Banquet is a gathering of the over 60's age group for fun, food, faith and friendship. Meeting on Thursdays from 11am to 3pm at St Peters. Specially for the elderly with a focus for inclusion of vulnerable lonely and isolated people. It provides time for socializing and refreshment, a shared meal, time for faith, reflection and a variety of activities suitable for this age group.

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Clive 20th Sep 2021 Co-Ordinator

Spot the Differences - Forest

We are re-starting ( after a year and a half due to covid) our Vintage Banquet for the over 60s and one activity they really enjoy is spot the difference, but from what I'm seeing, the drawings have not been updated since last year and they're the same or is it that I'm looking in the wrong section of your site.
Please help-Thanks.

Regards from Kingston Upon Thames-London
Clive 17th Oct 2018 Co-Ordinator


I recently returned to the UK after visiting my brother in Adelaide, South Australia and I'm wanting to do an Australian morning this Thursday October 18 for my over 60s group that I coordinate at our local church.
Any typical Australian games, Australian memory cards, typical Australian jokes, link to an Australian documentary, your suggestions, ideas are welcomed.
The clock is against me so your urgent feedback would be appreciated.
Many thanks
Coordinator Vintage Banquet. Kingston Upon Thames UK
Clive 7th Feb 2017 Co-Ordinator

Superstition Quiz

I co-ordinate the Vintage Banquet in Kingston Upon Thames for the over 60s and depending on how difficult the quiz is then I either :
Give a copy to each guest
Give a copy to 2 guests to work together
Give a copy to teams of 4 or 6s depending on the size of the group.
Always set a relaxed time limit, again avoiding putting their backs against the wall.

Personally, I avoid a guest being quizzed on questions that he/she are uncomfortable with, remember it's a game not homework !!!
Clive 5th Feb 2017 Co-Ordinator

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Chinese whispers
Clive 5th Feb 2017 Co-Ordinator


Hi Solange,

Many thanks for the explanation and suggestions/samples. I've already used the crosswords, charades and spot the differences, Thanks to all and keep up the Great work and feedback from members and Golden Carers. Clive
Clive 31st Jan 2017 Co-Ordinator


Hi Solange,

Many Thanks for your input, I'm not familiar with Baby Boomers Party & Singing duets, could you send me description or links.
Best regards Clive
Clive 30th Jan 2017 Co-Ordinator


Hi Fellow Golden Carers,

I co-ordinate weekly ( every Thursday including lunch ) a group of over 60s called the Vintage Banquet at our local church. Our group varies from 20 to 30 guests and we always have one or two visitors that I encourage to return, I've used a couple of ideas in the past but if any of you have some fun ice breakers I would certainly appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks & Regards