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Sue 19th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Lead

Matinee at the Opera

I shall try this it’s sounds like a great activity.
Sue 9th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Lead

Nearly New Boutique

Thanks for the advice. I will give this a try and see what response I get. We do have some lovely families that I am sure would support the idea. I will let you know if I succeed as I love the idea.
Sue 6th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Lead

Nearly New Boutique

Hi Sue, How did you get the nearly new items in the first place. I have taken some residents shopping in the past but this would open up a whole new world.

Another Sue
Lifestyle Coordinator
Sue 29th Aug 2017 Lifestyle Lead

How to Avoid Burnout

I really can relate to this article. I seem to have lost my mojo as I am exhausted. As. Lifestyle leader the role, responsibilities and paperwork have grown significantly so my love of spending quality time with our residents mostly rests with my team. I miss those moments. I have began to feel it is time to hand the job over to someone else as my confidence has really taken a downward spiral. I am always on catch up. I will make plans to firstly have an honest conversation with my manager and my team. I will take some time to consider the future and what I can do to improve my wellbeing. Thanks for helping know I am not alone in this.