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Amanda 13th Aug 2021 Activities Officer


A fabric bag with a window in it, fill it with rice and childrens farm items such as miniture tractor, horse, etc and list what is in it for the gentleman to find.
Amanda 27th Apr 2021 Activities Officer

Reminiscing through Storytelling

I only use their Christian name Margaret.
Amanda 1st Oct 2020 Activities Officer

Bird Bingo

Thank you so much for this colourful version of Bingo. The residents love it.
The only, constant, discussion from my residents is that the Chicken is a Rooster so I have to say "The bird that says Chicken but is a Rooster", otherwise I am reminded again that I am wrong.
Amanda 11th Feb 2020 Activities Officer


Thank you for this advice you gave Deb as I was actually looking for help with this same situation.
Amanda 13th Jan 2019 Activities Officer

Aussie Bingo

Can you use your work copier to enlarge. Just place the A4 across the scanner then press A4 - A3 then press 100%. That should enlarge the whole page, print and all.
Amanda 22nd May 2018 Activities Officer

Easter Carrots Craft

Found the carrots that our residents made.
Amanda 22nd May 2018 Activities Officer

Easter Carrots Craft

We made these for Easter and the residents thought they were really nice and , once managing how to roll the Carrot into a narrowed cylinder, had a great time.
Amanda 28th Jan 2018 Activities Officer

Birthday / Family Discs

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Birthday / family discs.
Amanda 5th Jan 2018 Activities Officer

How to make an Aussie Billy Can

I am going to see if I and our residents can make a paper version using tins to wrap the paper around and seal underneath so they can then decorate how they like with Australian flowers/animals , etc. A lot of my residents enjoy cutting out, colouring, etc. so they may actually give this a go.
Amanda 9th Aug 2017 Activities Officer


A local zoo as a lot of people like animals or can you find some one who can bring in pets. We had staff ride their horses in and the men loved this. Is there a mens shed nearby?